PureTaboo Bella Rolland (Heat Of The Moment / 02.13.2024)


PureTaboo Bella Rolland (Heat Of The Moment / 02.13.2024) AC repairman Shawn (Ken Feels) knocks on the front door of his next appointment. When the door opens, however, he’s stunned to see how hot the homeowner Daisy (Bella Rolland) looks. It seems like her air conditioner’s conked out, making her house unbearably hot… and her skin sweaty. Shawn assures her that he’ll find the cause of the problem and follows Daisy inside, continuing to check her out as he does.

Little does Daisy know, however, that Shawn doesn’t exactly have Daisy’s best interests at heart, and before he lets her cool down, he’s going to heat things up. A lot. Instead of fixing the central air, Shawn manipulates it so that it pipes in even more heat than before, making the apartment even hotter. Daisy has no idea what Shawn did, but can’t help but feel her body temperature rise as the sweat pours off of her.

With the heat now almost unbearable, Daisy asks if she can take off her clothes, playing right into Shawn’s hand. He allows it, and loves the look of Daisy’s breasts and ass, glistening with sweat. Putting the final act of his plan into action, Shawn pretends that he’ll have to go get another part in order to fix the AC, which would only make it possible for him to come back the next day. Daisy pleads with him to make an exception and come back the same day… she has no idea if she can tolerate this kind of heat for long. Shawn muses that he could potentially pull a few strings for her if she makes it worth his while…

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