Hqporner PureTaboo Xwife Karen (The Man In The Mask / 01.30.2024)


Hqporner PureTaboo Xwife Karen (The Man In The Mask / 01.30.2024) Tom (Tommy Pistol) and his wife Margaret (Athena Anderson) witnessed quite the scene at their neighbor’s house the night prior. Police cars, screaming, an ambulance… they can’t help but wonder what happened over there. Their questions are answered, however, when their neighbor in question, Tanya (X Wife Karen), comes to their front door in tears. Tom and Margaret are shocked to learn that Tanya and her husband were victims of an attempted home invasion, one which sent Tanya’s husband to the hospital. Tanya is shaken and asks if she can stay with Tom and Margaret until her husband returns. Tom and Margaret are happy to help, inviting her inside.

A few nights later, however, Tom enters his kitchen to find Tanya at the table, her fingers toying with a black ski mask. She hasn’t been able to catch a sliver of shut eye since the robbery, her thoughts plagued by the traumatic event. Tom tries to console her, but is shocked when Tanya reveals a troubling secret. Her obsession with the robbery doesn’t stem from fear… but from lust. A lust for the man in the mask. The same man who sent her husband to the hospital… and the same man that she can’t help but fantasize about.

Tanya is terrified that this newfound fixation will carry over into her marriage. Seeing no other option, she decides that she must do whatever it takes to purge these filthy desires from her soul. Shockingly, she extends the mask to Tom, asking him to put it on and fuck her roughly while wearing it. Tom is floored, but Tanya is persistent. With his wife just upstairs, Tom finally gives in, putting on the mask and giving Tanya what she wants… and needs.

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