[TeamSkeetLabs] Anya Olsen, Luna Luxe (Concept: Sex Toy Tutorial / 12.27.2023)


Whats up, TeamSkeet fans? Its time for another Labs update, and were super excited to present Sex Toy Tutorial, a fun and quirky Lab idea. In this scene, Luna needs a new sex toy. Her old boring dildo just aint cutting it, and she wants to feel her pussy on fire. So she looks to the trusty Clamazon delivery service to help her out. Lunas personal delivery babe, Anya, is on the job ASAP and selects a vibrator she thinks will be perfect for bringing Luna to orgasm. Anya is a true pro and shows up at Lunas place in a flash. In the bedroom, Anya shows Luna that Clamazon doesnt just deliver but is a full-service company. Luna lets Anya use the vibrator on her eager pussy, but they have an admirer. From the hallway, Peter watches everything go down. Anya thinks this would be the perfect opportunity to bring the fun to the next level and even gives Peter a run down of how he and Luna can use the vibrator as a couple. Theyll definitely be using Clamazon again, and its all thanks to Anya!


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