[PureTaboo] Lexi Lore, Katrina Colt (Earning Her Badges


Lauren (Lexi Lore) is one of the most promising Preparedness Scouts in her unit, so imagine her delight when her scout leader, Claudia (Katrina Colt) takes her to meet their district commissioner Mr. Melville (Nathan Bronson) for a private meeting. Lauren can’t believe how fortunate she is for this opportunity, and once Claudia leaves her alone with Mr. Melville, she’s more than ready to see what he has in store for her. That is… until Mr. Melville does the unthinkable and makes a move on her.

Lauren exits the house, feeling vulnerable and afraid. Luckily for her, Claudia hasn’t left yet, and is just pulling out of the driveway. Lauren manages to stop her, and she tells Claudia about what happened. Claudia supportively tells Lauren that they will get to the bottom of this- but instead of leaving with Lauren, she brings her back into the house to confront Mr. Melville directly. Lauren is taken aback, but she trusts Claudia, so she goes along with it.

There’s a strange energy when they go back inside, and Mr. Melville seems distinctly disappointed. Strangely, however, Claudia seems to be more on Mr. Melville’s side than Lauren’s, and as the moments go by, a nefarious and manipulative arrangement unravels that Lauren could never have prepared for. Will Lauren hold true to her morals, or will she succumb to pleasuring Mr. Melville and Claudia so that she can earn her badges without worry?


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