Pornohub [PureTaboo] Robby Apples, Little Puck (The Prize: A Codi Vore Story / 01.09.2024)


Codi (Codi Vore) and Jenna (Little Puck) are the finalists on an intense and difficult game show, ‘The Prize’. The show’s host (Seth Gamble) tells Codi and Jenna that before they begin the final challenge, he has a surprise for them… a visit from their families!

Jenna is excited and emotional to see her stepdad, Tommy (Tommy Pistol), while Codi is similarly moved to see her husband Daniel (Daniel Shar) and stepson Ethan (Robby Apples). The host then announces another surprise: Codi and Jenna will each be partnered with one of their family members for the show’s final challenge. That means Jenna will be paired with Tommy since he’s the only family member who came here, while Codi gets to choose either Daniel or Ethan. Codi chooses Ethan.However, the surprises don’t stop there, because the host says that for the challenge, Jenna and Codi will compete NAKED. Jenna wants to prove she’s better than Codi, so she strips down to her bra and panties and boasts that this isn’t so bad, but even Jenna becomes shocked when the host reminds her to take her underwear off too.Tommy manages to convince Jenna that she has nothing to be ashamed of, so she takes off her bra and panties. Knowing that winning the competition would turn her family’s life around, Codi strips naked as well, much to her husband’s shock. The host then announces the show’s final challenge: Codi and Jenna will compete to see who’s better at making her partner ejaculate. Jenna is stunned at the idea of making her stepdad cum, while Codi is equally shocked at the idea of doing that with her stepson. But this is a rare opportunity to change their lives for the better, so the contestants agree to it, while Codi’s husband watches in horror…


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