PervPrincipal Kira Fox (Do it for Her / 02.15.2024)


PervPrincipal Kira Fox (Do it for Her / 02.15.2024) Kira Fox gets called into Principal Green’s office because of a recent incident with her daughter. It seems she took things too far this time with her pranks when she brought Nair to school and put it in a girl’s hair. Now, all the parents at school are mad, and Mr. Green is threatening to expel her kid. Kira can’t believe what’s happening, so she desperately begs the principal to help her daughter. Mr. Green has always lusted for Kira’s fine body, so he offers her a deal: maybe she can cooperate with him and they can forget what happened. Worried, Kira follows Principal Green’s plan and starts eating his cock. Mr. Green fucks the concerned mother’s mouth, moving on to her luscious pussy. Kira rides the Principal’s cock and moans nice and hard, ensuring the guy is pleased and his silence is guaranteed. To seal the deal, Mr. Green cums all over the milf’s tits, leaving the whole incident in the past.

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