Hdsex – Rachael Cavalli & Chloe Surreal – Converting His Shy Wife Bi


A husband, Ryan Driller, recently discovered that his wife, Rachael Cavalli, is hiding her bicuriosity towards other women. For their anniversary, he surprises her by bringing her a woman, Chloe Surreal, to explore with. Although Rachael is shocked and in denial at first, Ryan encourages her to explore her sexuality in whatever way she pleases. Rachael soon warms up to the idea, her hungry eyes trailing back to Chloe sexily waiting for her…

Rachael starts exploring with Chloe, enjoying every new sensation she’s experiencing for the first time. Ryan remains with her, being a source of encouragement until Rachael finds her own confidence. By then, Rachael is even hungrier, inviting her loving husband to join them as the steamy session evolves into an even steamier threesome.


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