[DevilsFilm] Avery Black (Cuck ‘Em While They’re Young #03


Avery Black is about to have sex with Victor Ray. Although Victor is eager, he asks her if this is really okay… doesn’t she already have a boyfriend, Jason Depp? Avery claims that she has an open relationship with Jason, so she can have sex with whoever she wants. Just then, Avery gets a message on her phone. When she sees what it says, she excuses herself and leaves the room.

Avery answers her front door, revealing that Jason is standing outside. When she asks Jason what he’s doing here, he says that he knows she’s about to have sex with another guy… AGAIN! It’s clear that Jason isn’t all that keen on the idea of their relationship being an open one. However, Avery continues to insist that she’s going to have sex with other men, because Jason’s low self-esteem isn’t attractive to her at all.

Jason begs Avery to reconsider, saying he still wants her in his life, but Avery is determined to have sex with Victor NOW. However, Jason gets emotional, and Avery doesn’t want Jason hanging around outside with that kind of look on his face, because her parent HATES seeing Jason like that. She tells Jason that if he’s going to hang around, he’ll have to come inside to watch her get fucked by Victor. To her surprise, Jason agrees, so they head to the bedroom together. When Victor finds out that Jason is here to watch the sex, he thinks that Avery and Jason are a weird couple… but Avery is really hot, so he’s not going to complain!


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