[BreedingMaterial] Riley Star (Don’t Leave, Just Breed Me


[BreedingMaterial] Riley Star (Don’t Leave, Just Breed Me / 12.20.2023)

We’ve got a really fun one this week, and something a little bit special. You guys remember Ivy right? The super fit gym bunny from a few weeks ago – the completely cock crazy hottie I fucked in the butt? Yeah that one. Well Rick decided we needed to put her to the test again, and asked her if she could come in for the next test. Lucky for us, she was in the area and on the way to the gym, so she didn’t have an issue stopping by.

Now in an effort to get her back, because she kinda had an idea of what we’re about, Rick let her know this was going to be a paid gig… he of course never mentions how much though. Not many of our wonder applicants get the coveted call back interview, so we figured we probably better make this one really worthwhile. So I got a hold of our good friend Tyler, and brought him in. We’re gonna see how she does taking two guys today. She arrives in some very form fitting athletic attire, ready to get down. Rick wastes no time getting her naked and having her warm up with a dildo. Once she’s nice and wet, it’s time to get this party started and she finally discovers the plot when she’s got two hard dicks in


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