[BigTitCreamPie] Amirah Sky (Creampies and Bare Foot Walks Of Shames


Amirah tries to sneak back into the house after being out all night, and she is busted by her moms boyfriend Jovan. He lets her know her antics are keeping his dick dry. Her mom is no longer putting out do to worry over her. Jovan tells Amirah know he is going to talk to her mom, and Amirah has to go. Amirah has other plans. She informs Jovan talking to her mom is not going to solve his problems. Sounds like he just needs his balls emptied. She is more than willing to help. Jovan is hesitant at 1st, but Amirah gets naked showing off her big ass tits and tight body, and Jovan falls week. She undresses him and his big ass dick is already hard for her mouth. He begins to fuck her like the fuck doll she is. She cant belive how big it is. Her tight pussy does the trick, and Jovan asks her where should he cum. She wants it all in her pussy. Jovan unloads in her, and could not be more happier. Amirah so proud of her self wants to know if he wants to go another round.


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