beegporns – Kenzie Taylor – I Tittyfucked My Mother-In-Law! # 2


Diego Perez is watching TV when he suddenly gets a surprise visit from his wife’s parent, Kenzie Taylor. Diego says that his wife isn’t home right now, but Kenzie says she’s aware of that… she actually came here to see HIM. Diego is puzzled, but lets her inside…

Kenzie explains that Diego’s wife told her about how Diego isn’t doing a good enough job satisfying her in the bedroom. Diego is stunned, as Kenzie clarifies that Diego’s wife is unhappy because Diego won’t tittyfuck her! Kenzie warns him that if he doesn’t do better at pleasing his wife, it’s almost certain that his wife will find another man who will… maybe even LOTS of other men. Diego says he doesn’t want THAT to happen.

Luckily, Kenzie says that she can help, and she takes out her big boobs so Diego can learn how to do tittyfucking. Diego is stunned at the idea of practicing sex acts with his in-law, but Kenzie says that she knows what she’s doing. She tells Diego to lick and suck on her boobs, so they’ll be wet and slippery for tittyfucking. It’s clear that Diego is in for an AMAZING lesson!


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