beeg sex – River Lynn & Barbie Feels – Barbie’s Debut


Barbie has been suspicious of her stepdaughter River’s behavior recently, so she tracks her down in the nighttime to see what she’s been doing. When she finds the room River is apparently in, Barbie knocks on the door and is greeted by Kris, who says she can’t come in. Barbie barges in any way and finds River in a hotel room, sucking on Lawson’s cock to make a porno. Astonished, Barbie doesn’t know what to think and can’t believe her stepdaughter is a porn actress. River assures Barbie that the whole business is actually pretty rewarding and wants to show her stepmom how talented she is. Barbie tentatively agrees and lets River carry on with her business. As Lawson thrusts his cock deep inside River, Barbie can feel herself getting wet…

She can’t believe how fucking hot her stepdaughter looks getting nailed right in front of her. River’s confidence and her sex appeal are radiating off of her like she was made for this business. The anticipation is building inside Barbie, and she gets a craving for a massive cock, too. River tells her stepmom to join in, and much to everyone’s surprise, she does. Now Barbie and River are both having their pussies pummeled by BBC, and they love every second of it.


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