beeg com – CeCe Mecta – Forget The Pie, Fuck Me Instead!


Amber and her stepbrother Tony were in line for Black Friday. When the doors didn’t open during the time advertised, she went mad and threw a rock through the window, causing it to shatter and starting a riot where people broke into the store and started stealing. Security Guard Jack apprehends Summer and Tony immediately after the incidents start, taking them to the back office to ask them some questions. When they check their records and discover that Amber has already been caught stealing at that store before, Officer Jack decides to call his colleague Clarke Kent to figure out what to do with them.

Amber begs to be let go, so the two security guards give Amber a choice: she can either go to jail or play along with the officers’ kinky requests. Meanwhile, Tony has to sit there and watch the whole show involuntarily.


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