[TigerMoms] Jazmine Cruz (Traditional Healing Hands / 06.19.2024)


When Jazmine sees that her stepson, Johnny, is in a great deal of pain, she uses her Tiger Mom senses to pinpoint the focus of his pain. What she’s really doing is making her move and going in for her strike. She’s been thinking about Johnny’s cock, as she knows he’s got a great big hog, and she’s feeling super horny. The Asian milf straddles Johnny and thrusts against him violently. She feels herself getting wet, and all she can think about is sucking her stepson’s cock. Johnny is blown away by what is happening – especially when Jazmine whips out her massive knockers. She pulls down Johnny’s shorts and pushes his already hard dick down her throat. His stepmom’s lips wrapped around his penis is never a sensation Johnny thought he’d experience, but now in this moment, he’s so glad it’s happening. Jazmine strokes his cock hard until he’s about to bust. Jazmine saves his load by putting her mouth over the head of his cock and swallowing down every last drop. From here on out, Jazmine and Johnny can’t help but feel eternally horny for each other. Every opportunity they get, they caress each other’s bodies and admire each other in an intensely sexual way. Johnny knows he wants to go all the way and fuck his stepmom, and she’s ready to feel his cock deep down inside of her. On the couch, he pummels his stepmom’s pussy hard, holding nothing back and showing her just how much he wants her. Seeing her stepson crave her pussy so aggressively ignites all sorts of lust and desire inside of Jazmine. She wants Johnny to pump her full of cum. She needs him to stay inside of her as he cums, and she wants to feel every pump of his dick as he unleashes a massive load. Their juices mix and blend together, and all Jazmine can think about is when they can go at it again.


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