[MommysGirl] Lexi Luna, Aften Opal (My Pesky Girl Has The Wrong Remote!


Aften Opal is relaxing in the living room while her stepmom, Lexi Luna, does a bit of tidying. Lexi then says that she has some VERY important business to take care of in her bedroom, and she wants to make sure Aften understands NOT to disturb her. Aften doesn’t mind, since she can watch the new TV. Lexi tells Aften to be careful, though, since the new TV hasn’t been fully set up yet.

Once Lexi is alone in her room, it turns out that the ‘important business’ she was talking about is actually just a ruse to get some alone time with her new remote controlled vibrator. She inserts the sex toy into her pussy, and next all she needs is to grab the remote and enjoy playing with the different settings. But before Lexi can do that, she already starts feeling strong vibrations from the toy inside her, sending waves of pleasure throughout her body. Lexi enjoys it but it’s very intense, so she tries to grab the remote to adjust the settings… but it doesn’t work. Eventually, she realizes that she’s holding the TV remote, which means… uh-oh!It turns out that Lexi left the vibrator’s remote in the living room, and Aften thinks it’s the TV remote! While Aften presses the buttons trying to get the TV to work, she’s actually activating and controlling Lexi’s vibrator from afar. Despite being overwhelmed by intense pleasure, Lexi manages to make her way to the living room and tell Aften about it. Once the vibrator is turned off, Lexi prepares to leave with the correct remote to finally get her alone time, but Aften complains it’s not fair that Lexi gets to have fun with a new toy while Aften is stuck with a TV that hasn’t been set up properly. Aften wants to have fun too! Lexi knows that her pesky girl won’t let her hear the end of it if she doesn’t do something, so she agrees that they can enjoy some sexy fun together!


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