FamilyStrokes Riley Jean, Madison Morgan (Virgins for Valentine’s / 02.15.2024)


FamilyStrokes Riley Jean, Madison Morgan (Virgins for Valentine’s / 02.15.2024) Best friends Madison and Riley are beyond excited for Valentine’s Day and most excited about losing their virginity to their dates. Riley asks her stepdad, Ken, about her and Madison having a double date. Ken isn’t so sure, as he’s never met Riley’s boyfriend and doesn’t know if he can trust him. Riley begs her stepdad, but he doesn’t fold. He makes a deal – the boys will come over to the house, and Madison and Riley can have their dates at home. Although the guys coming there isn’t ideal, Riley folds. Later, Madison and Riley daydream about their dates and admire each other’s bodies. They caress one another and make out. Having their nipples played with and sucked sends their horny brains into overdrive. Both Madison and Riley are getting very into the moment, and all they can think about is sex. Their hands work their way down to each other’s pussies, and the girls grow wetter and wetter as they rub each other’s clits. Neither of them has played around with another girl before, nor anyone for that matter. This new experience teaches them that they’re both kinky and are bound to be horny all the time. Now, they’re even more excited about their dates. Ken overhears the girls talk about their plans to lose their virginities. He is immediately concerned, wanting to keep Riley and Madison safe. Still, Ken knows Riley and Madison are grown and ready to fly. Later, Ken surprises the girls by decorating the living room with all sorts of Valentine’s Day decorations. The living room looks pretty in pink, and Riley and Madison can’t wait for their dates to see it all. While Riley is on the phone with her date, Ken has a sit down with Madison and explains that he knows she and Riley plan to lose their virginities. Madison is super embarrassed, but it’s kind of fun talking about sex with her friend’s stepdad. Madison finds Ken extremely attractive after all, and after fooling around with Riley, it’s hard for Madison not to pull Ken’s pants down and suck his cock right then and there. Riley returns and angrily shares that her date cancelled on her. Shortly after, Madison’s date cancels on her, too. With this devastating news, the girls and Ken have nothing to do on Valentine’s Day. That is until Riley suggests they take some fun pictures to make their dates jealous. Ken is unsure because Riley is his stepdaughter, and there is a lot of room for things to get weird in this situation. Though with all this virginity talk and seeing Riley and Madison in their skimpy dresses, Ken is starting to feel horny himself. He knows things could get weird and is reluctant, but he comes around to the idea, thinking nothing will go too far. Things do take a risque turn, however, when Riley suggests Ken be the one to take both her and Madison’s virginities. Ken doesn’t know what to say. He knows that it’s entirely wrong, and as Riley’s stepdad, he should take control of the situation. It’s hard to resist, though. Both girls are feeling extremely horny, and when would Ken ever get the chance to fuck two young, smoking hot chicks who are looking to lose their virginities? And besides, wouldn’t it be safer for the girls to be with him? He could probably teach them a thing or two, after all. Madison and Riley rub Ken’s cock beneath his pants and feel him getting hard. With the two of them turning him on, Ken finds resisting more challenging. The girls promise they’d never say a word to anyone. With that, they pull his pants down and admire his hard cock. They start by kissing and licking his shaft and balls, working slowly towards a full-on blowjob. Riley and Madison are having a ton of fun sucking cock together. The sensation is even more amazing than any of them could have anticipated. Ken can’t believe he’s letting his stepdaughter and her friend suck his dick, but it’s hard not to cum right away with how intense it feels. They soon move on to giving Ken a titjob. Each girl gets a turn playing with Ken’s dick between their tits. They’re having a ton of fun and are learning so much from being with an older man. Ken teaches the girls how to eat each other out and enjoys watching them play with each other. Watching his stepdaughter eat another girl’s pussy isn’t something Ken knew he needed in his life, but in that moment, it all felt right. When it’s finally time to fuck, Ken gently fucks Riley, easing her into the sex and going at her pace. It’s an out-of-this-world sensation for both of them. Ken never realized how fucking hot his stepdaughter is, and now with his dick inside of her, he has to keep himself from cumming right away – Madison still needs a turn. Getting fucked hurts a little for Riley, but the pleasure far outweighs the pain. Madison’s pussy feels just as tight and incredible. She’s so wet that even for a virgin, Ken slides his cock in fairly easily. The girls are in heaven, and this Valentine’s Day turned out better than they had initially hoped. The threesome continues, and Ken gets the girls into various positions, making sure to share them equally and keep everyone satisfied. Riley and Madison’s juices are flowing and coat Ken’s cock and balls. He’s getting closer to cumming and feels like he can’t hold his load much longer. When it’s time to bust, Riley and Madison lend him their mouths. He cums hard on their sweet faces and tongues. The girls savor his flavors and swap his load with tongue kisses. As far as first-time stories go, Riley and Madison will remember this forever.

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