[CaughtMyCoach] Clara Trinity (Coach Helps Me Reach My Full Potential


Coach Bruce Venture has asked Clara Trinity to his office. Clara claims she doesn’t know why he wants to see her, but Bruce reminds her that her performance is declining. They discuss what might be the cause of her poor tennis play. Finally Clara confesses that she just got into a relationship with a guy who has a really big dick and she’s pretty sore every day.

Coach Venture tells Clara that he’s not going to sit around and wait for her to adjust to her boyfriend’s huge cock. He’s not into such an inappropriate conversation. Instead of backing down, Clara comes around the desk to massage Bruce’s shoulders and then to claim she needs more practice with a big dick. Bruce definitely has that covered so he agrees to help Clara out.

On her knees, Clara uses both hands to stroke Bruce’s big one before trying out a BJ. Once she’s wet enough to take it, Clara gets to her feet and props one knee on the desk so Bruce can fuck her from behind. She’s nice and stretched now, making it easier for her to ride Coach Venture in reverse cowgirl and then cowgirl. On her back on the desk, Clara spreads herself wide open for Coach to dive nice and deep, banging her until she’s squealing. When Bruce pulls out and nuts on Clara’s twat, he agrees she should come back tomorrow for more practice.


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